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Raleigh Denim Workshop is an American enterprise / art project / romantic adventure started by Sarah Yarborough and Victor Lytvinenko.

We began with the idea of making the ideal pair of jeans.

The kind you can wear everyday (we do). We took a bunch of jeans apart to learn how to put them together; we lugged machines out of old factories and storage units; we sat at kitchen tables and stood in garages hearing from men and women who worked at facilities that no longer exist, and then we figured out how to make those old machines run again.

We sign our jeans because we're proud of what we make.

When we got our first order, we were just two kids in a warehouse with a couple of machines. We cut and sewed those jeans ourselves and we signed our work. Today, we have a talented team of jeansmiths and we share the sharpie so they can sign their work too. (Look for the signature on the front pocket inside your jeans.)

We're obsessed with the relationship between time and design.

On one level, it’s about the creative freedom that comes from taking our time. It’s led to our impossible-to-mass-manufacture back pockets, hidden blue stitch details, selvage highlights, and all the other extras that make our jeans ours. On another level, it means being super intentional about designing things to get more beautiful over time. A favorite example is the specific shade and tinted weft of our Original Denim; it turns into a buttery shade of vintage blue as the starch and indigo wear away over weeks, months, years.

We love talking all things design, denim, Raleigh: