Our downtown Raleigh workshop is at the heart of everything we do.

It's our design center and where we do most of our production. It's where we have team lunches, spontaneous ping pong matches, and late-night collabs. It's where we plug into the hometown community that will always be the center of who we are.

We hunt down materials that make our mouths water.

You know when you're really hungry and you smell some insanely good food and have trouble thinking about anything else? We look for fabrics that give us that feeling. Materials that radiate character and texture and have the capacity to tell stories - to wear in ways that hint at the life lived inside them.

Fit is part of our craft.

Handcrafting allows us to do things that make our clothes fit you better. Our shirts and jackets are tailored, but give you room to move with a pleat in the back (they have to pass our ping pong test). We shape and sew pockets in a way that makes your arse look good.

We fieldtest.

As a couple, we've always had a thing for clandestine shenanigans, why-not-give-it-a-try adventures (on our first date, we scaled a bell tower). We believe the things we wear ought to encourage the things we want to do, whatever they may be. So, we design and we build and we test. When we're finished with our part, our clothes are ready for just about anything. The next chapter is all yours.