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Kinda sorta, but not so simple.
The easy options is to forgo the hem and fold up your jeans. Lots of our customers do this, because it’s easy and they love the look. We do this a lot ourselves.

Or if you would like to us to hem them with a fantastic-looking chain-stitch on our rare 43200 G Union Special, you can follow these steps.
  1. Mark your jeans where you'd like the finished length hemmed to - with safety pins.
  2. Print out a prepaid label from our address to yours (for shipping them back to you)
  3. Include that label in whatever you choose to mail your jeans in
  4. We will hem them at our factory and send them back to you at no charge. 

If that sounds like too much of a runaround, any professional tailor should be able to help you.