Jacket, by Victor

Tim Lytvinenko

My brother Tim is one of my best friends and source of constant inspiration. We are only 15 months apart which has brought us tighter at times and has made it hard to breath at times...but over the past decade we’ve both found our wings in very similar ways that are incredibly different. He is a fine artist who has developed his own one-of-a-kind mode of expression drawing on his photography, his thought process, his writing, and techniques he invented himself. 

He is amazing, full stop. 

Check out his work here: Newtim.com

A while back when he was making this leap into the world of being a fulltime artist I wanted to be there with him, to support, help, and encourage the exploration….which resulted in one of the very first 1/1’s. I didn’t know it then the way I do now, but the intention was for the garment to give him confidence and courage. I made him a jacket and a patch on the inside over his heart, just for him. This jacket also gave me confidence to keep making for specific people.