Jacket, by Victor

Ace Henderson

Ace recording on our Curatory piano while I’m the sewing machine listening to the bones of his future songs -- that’s the sweetest part of my memory of this night. Although my friendship with Ace is ever-deepening, he always retains his mystery. A musician with a growing following and some type of undetermined tech wizard who is eerily drawn to Texas, Ace’s daily life is an enigma...but when we connect, it’s always special. He comes to the workshop to create. Sometimes he sets up an impromptu recording studio. Other times, we make something together. Other times, it's both-and. This jacket was rooted in a mix of the practical (enough pockets to hold hard drives, pliers, phone, etc.),  the spirit of Texas (there’s something cowboy going on here) and a fresh, urban vibe (something he could wear to perform in).  As usual, I could never have predicted the jacket or the experience or the conversation. It’s always a journey.