Coveralls, by Victor + Sarah

Pilzner Urquell

In 2006 I was living in Switzerland playing 3rd division soccer for AC Lugano, and Sarah was riding her bike from Finland to Prague with her brother. I met them in Prague during the World Cup. We would gather in one of the city squares to watch the games on the big screen and drink GIANT Pilsner Urquell….which is one of the best beers I’ve ever had in my life. The delicacy of the flavour profile is unparalleled and then I learned that they actually invented the golden lager...PRAISE BE TO PILSNER URQUELL! 

One day many years later, a dear friend who was working with Pilsner Urquell reached out asking if we’d be able/interested to collab with them….we looked back at our pics from that 2006 European Adventure and had the idea of designing something for their version of a “jeansmith” — the “coopers”...the people who hand-make the barrels the beer is stored in. So, we hopped over to the Czech Republic, drank unpasteurized golden lager with the Brew Master, walked the 9km of caves where the beer matured, hung out with the coopers and fit them for coveralls.