Quilt, by Sarah


Our first project is based on International Code of Signals. ALFA, BY SARAH

I’m drawn to the simplicity and utility of this nautical language. Each flag represents a letter or number, and has a specific meaning, for communicating at sea. The “A” flag is the international code flag for “Diver Down”. It’s raised to signal a vessel’s inability to move from its current location because they have a diver underwater and to warn other vessels to “keep well clear” to avoid injuring divers with their propellers.

Approx. 60” square. Fabric: All sorts. Various denim and canvas, various contents but mostly cotton. Techniques: A mix of hand and machine stitching. Inspiration: The kind of blues I’ve seen diving in the ocean.

My sister-in-law’s name starts with an A, she’s a scuba diving instructor, and she works in the Fisheries Solutions Center in the Oceans Department of the Environmental Defense Fund. In honor of her good work - the kind that impacts policy and programs around the globe - and my love of clean water (and the incredible things that live in it!), we’re donating the proceeds of our first 1/1 piece to the EDF.


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