Jacket, by Victor

Bon Iver

Justin lived in Raleigh for a while before the first Bon Iver album came out.

He played basketball with our crew and my bro went on tour with him as their photographer (@newtim) when he played with The Rosebuds (Side note - one of the VERY FIRST pairs I EVER made was for the Rosebuds’ Ivan Howard).

Justin has always stayed in touch and last summer when he was in town summer 2019, he came by the shop and we had a 1/1 session where I made him a jacket from one of my favorite pieces of Freeform Shabori fabric. It’s a special piece. It’s water, in fabric form.

We hung out and worked on it together, with Brad and Stella Cook. He wanted some specific pockets that I was scared to try to make so I kept it to take my time with and presented him with it backstage when he played the RBC center later that year. He wore it while interviewing Aaron Rogers for GQ last year. It’s an awesome conversation….check it out HERE.

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