Jacket, by Victor

Eren Canata

I met Eren through artist Phil America many years ago when they were in town visiting for an exhibit at CAM. Sparks flew, one thing led to another, and at 2am we were standing on the back loading dock in our underwear (we didn’t want to ruin our clothes) with 100 yards of White Oak Cone Selvage, buckets of bleach, cans of paint, and rusted metal.

Our goal? To create fabric imprinted with the spontaneous spirit of that night. Eren wanted a kimono to wear for his opening at the museum that week, so we got to work. By the day of the event, it was complete. The next year, he came back and I converted the kimono to a jacket, so we went at it for a few days and this is what we ended up doing. (Eren is the head of the NYU songwriting school in LA and also got his first #1 song in 2020).

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