Flags, by Victor + Sarah

Dalai Lama

In 2017, the Dalai Lama was forced to cancel his official delegation to Raleigh due to health issues. He later invited our mayor, Nancy McFarlane, to come and visit him in Dharamsala, India and Mayor McFarlane called on us to help create an offering she could present to His Holiness (no pressure).

We created ‘A Sacred Gift For His Holiness The Dalai Lama”.

We sewed hundreds of natural cotton prayer flags, then invited the people of Raleigh to contribute their hopes, concerns, dreams and wishes. An event was held during where people came together to handwrite on the flags, which we strung up to the wind in Dorothea Dix Park overlooking the city.

Mayor McFarlane then took them to India and presented the flags as a gift from our city to The Dalai Lama.

This was an honour and a labour of love. I learned that the more people who are involved in something, the more sacred it becomes. We took the flags, bearing the writing of hundreds of people and folded him in a letter I hand-stitched.

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