Rose Gold Hardware, by Victor

rose gold

An’s intensity of spirit, energy and optimism is something I’ve rarely come in contact with in my life.

Our inherent interests to connect and truly collaborate has brought us together many times. From jewelry pieces we design and create together for Sarah, to jeans, jackets and forms of “fashion jewelry” to our mutual passion for food and wine, he and I are epic collaborators, periodically getting together to push boundaries, make something outside of our boxes and have a good time.

This one was especially pure. An wanted to elevate the hardware without changing anything else about it. He took our rivets and buttons, 3D-scanned them and cast them in Rose Gold. They fit into our machines and we install them exactly the same way we install hardware on all of our jeans. A beautiful parallel between handcrafted and rare materials.

These are for sale in yellow gold or rose gold. It’s a custom make. Reach out if you are interested in a pair with custom gold hardware.

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