Backpack, by Victor

Chris Mattan

Chris and I met in 2020 during the pandemic. He works in tech and is deeply and generously connected to many of the most creative businesses in Raleigh.

He reached out to us with a crazy-awesome mashup of an idea — interpreting the design of denim/leather card holder as a backpack. Something he could take to work and everywhere else.

One night we got to prototyping….he brought all the things he’d need to carry in a bag, and we designed it exactly for those things…combining some of the most beautiful leather I’ve ever seen with denim I quilted the side that touches his back.

The piece came together beautifully and the conversation was fun, so we kept working into the night to take the prototype to the finished version. Like all these 1/1 pieces, the final work holds the magic of all the time, conversations and personal connections that went into it.

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