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Enter our 2022 Art of the Break-In Contest

Will your jeans be our next wash?

Our approach to washed/worn denim is different from other companies,
in that all our washes are based on actual break-ins.
Most often, they’re based on jeans worn by Victor, but our next one will come from the winner of our break-in contest.

If you win, your break in will be our newest wash. We’ll name it after you, put it into production and we’ll give you a new pair of jeans.

Plus, if you let us keep your pair for our Hall Of Fame archive, we’ll give another new pair.

We’re not merely looking for the most beat-up jean — instead, we’re looking for the intangibles of a particular wear. In practical terms, this likely means your favorite pair of Raleighs.
How to Enter:
1. Post pics of your jeans on instagram or email them to us at artofthebreakin@raleighdenim
Hashtag: #RaleighDenimBreakInArtist
Make sure you include a full pic of them, front and back, so we can see the whole break-in. Beyond this, feel free to be creative. Post details. Post images from your work (do you put tools in your pocket?), your trip to India (where you meditated for eight hours, dramatically increasing the whiskering), your all-night dance party you wore them to or whatever gives us some insight. 
BONUS: If your jeans are Raleigh Denim
2. In the caption, tell us about your jeans.
In your post, tell us about your break-in journey.
How many years have you worn them?  How long before  the first wash? How many iphones have they been through? What stories have happened to you while wearing them? 
IT WOULD BE AMAZING if you tagged your friends and encouraged others to enter in your caption.
Post your pics by 11:59pm October 24.
Victor will pick the winner over the next few days.

Fine Print:

Must be broken in from raw.
We’ll likely want to share pics of your jeans. By entering, you’re saying you’re cool with this.