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This garment uses cloth from the inaugural production run of Proximity Manufacturing Company, a Greensboro, NC-based textile producer that weaves cloth on vintage Draper X-3 fly shuttle looms on the original hardwood floors inside the White Oak Cotton Mill, formerly occupied by Cone Denim.  The cloth is constructed from 100% US-grown, ringspun cotton yarn.

The cloth weighs in at 12.2oz per square yard, and it is both unsanforized and loomstate, it develops a soft, hairy hand with wear. It will shrink with proper treatment prior to wear to approximately 13.6oz per square yard

DL-3 Tinted Weft Indigo Denim 3x1 RHT: The denim is filled with 20/2 Ringspun Tan Package-Dyed Yarn, an iteration of the original (OG) denim that was woven as a proprietary fabric.