Quilt, by Victor


I’ve been thinking, “How do I quilt pieces together in a way that every piece is a different shape, no repetition... is that possible... absolutely it’s possible!”

This one took a while to sort out and is a bit of a brain bender when you look at it. I wanted the orientation of fabric to hold the structure of the plaid grain, while the actual seams disrupt it.

The construction and design are based on many iterations of beach blankets of denim we made last year that actually functioned quite well. The sand doesn’t stick much and with a good shake they stay pretty clean. I like making them from one layer of fabric so they are lighter in weight, so I went with that for Bravo too.

The red is some of the precious Picnic Punk Plaid fabric I saved from a few seasons ago. Maybe my fav plaid ever. It is thicker, with a brushed cotton finish. The lighter color fabric is a very special experimental selvage canvas that Cone Mills made for us 5-6 years ago with a recycled weft yarn made of recycled tv dinner trays (seriously!). It seems insane, but it actually makes for one of the most beautiful fabrics we’ve come across.

Size: 60inx60in Fabrics: Cone Mills Deadstock Experimental Selvage Denim + Japanese Picnic Punk Plaid Inspiration: An answer to the question of what a modern “quilt” looks like. 

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