Jacket, by Victor


I met King Mez in 2013 or 2014. He would come to the shop and hang... one day we got to talking. It was obvious that he had the vision, grit, and ability to make things happen and we started hanging out more frequently.

We held one of his first listening parties in the Curatory and encouraged him to follow his heart. One day, a few years later he called saying he was in LA meeting with Dr. Dre... and he ended up as a producer and writer for Dre’s Compton album.

Since then, he’s on fire and has worked with basically everyone in the game right now AND directed J. Cole's video for Middle Child. One day last fall he stopped by the shop and we worked on this jacket. He wanted something with army green shades, ¾ length, and it’s one of the first with the paint stripe. It was a fun evening of catching up and creating.

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