Flag, by Victor

Phil America

This was the first art piece in the Contemporary Art Museum’s collection.

Phil America is an artist, curator, and creator based in LA. I met him 5-6 years ago when he was literally camping on the floor of the Contemporary Art Museum as part of his ‘Failure Of The American Dream’ installation, based on his experiences living in the largest homeless encampment.

We became fast friends. Phil’s fire for connecting, creating, and progressiveness resonated with me so much that we stay up all night at the shop creating every time he is in town…usually without an end goal, just the pure purpose of making something new, collaborating in a way that brings both of us outside of our comfort zones.

Phil also comes out to Las Vegas every time we’re there for trade shows. He stays with us in our hotel room. When Phil’s there, we turn our booth into an art studio, painting/printing on samples between appointments. Phil’s vegan and doesn’t drink, so we tend to seek out the best vegan meals at hotels and in the deep Chinatown of Vegas or drive out into the desert and stay up all night.

We talk often and are currently collaborating on a few new projects. Stay tuned.

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